The FreeRice Wikia uses Defcon codes as alerts for when Vandals attack. To see the current Defcon, view the wiki's main page.

What's Defcon?

Defcon is an alert system used by the United States Military when crises' happen. It goes on a scale of 1 through 5, with 5 being the best, and 1 being the worst.

How does this work?

Whenever vandalism happens, if Defcon is on 5, it will move up to 4. When the vandalism worsens, it will go up to 3. When it gets better, it will go down to 4, and finally 5. It's updated as soon as possible.

What counts as vandalism

  • Spamming pages
  • Replacing words with swears
  • Making bad pages
  • Badly renaming pages
  • Spamming user pages and talk pages
  • Uploading inappropriate images

What doesn't count as vandalism (and why)

  • People making pages that don't use a template (Either there is no template or they didn't know there was one.)
  • Productive edits (It's obvious why)
  • Reverting Vandalism (Again, obvious why)

Defcon Codes

Defcon 5 (Fade Out)

Defcon 5

Defcon 5: All's good.

Defcon 5 is the lowest level Defcon code. It means that there is no vandalism today, or very little. The rules aren't strict, so you can edit pages more freely.

Things to do on Defcon 5

  • Help the Wiki out by marking pages for deletion
  • Add much-needed pages
  • Fix grammar and spelling mistakes.

Defcon 4 (Double Take)

Defcon 4

Defcon 4. Low Vandalism.

Defcon 4 means that there is some vandalism, but one that's easily revertable. It's not something too serious, so don't worry too much.

Things to do on Defcon 4

  • Revert vandalized pages
  • Do the same things as Defcon 5

Defcon 3 (Round House)

Defcon 3

Defcon 3. Medium Vandalism.

Defcon 3 means that there is some medium vandalism. Either 1 person vandalized a good amount of pages or a vandal group is around.

Things to do on Defcon 3

  • Do the same things as Defcon 4
  • Rename pages that have been vandalized.

Defcon 2 (Fast Pace)

Defcon 2

Defcon 2. High vandalism.

Defcon 2 means that there is high vandalism. Either 1 vandal did a lot of pages in or there is a vandal group around that has 4-6 members.

Things to do on Defcon 2

  • Do the same things as Defcon 3
  • If admins aren't online, email or tweet @FreeRiceWikia.

Defcon 1 (Cocked Pistol)

Defcon 1

Defcon 1. Be prepared for the edit war.

Defcon 1 means that there is a humongous edit war going on between the vandals and the Admins + Rollback members.

Things to do on Defcon 1

  • Revert Vandalized pages
  • Rename vandalized pages
  • Contact Rollback + Admins if they are not online
  • Do the best you can at stopping the vandals.
  • Contact Wikia admins to help revert edits.